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We work together. We work for you.

Our mission is to provide small business clients with a one-stop-shop for done for you accounting services. Not only that, we strive to provide the personalization and availability of an internal accounting office, while providing the experience and expertise of a CPA firm. A team of back office ninjas all working together to optimize your accounting system and reporting. 

Our co-mission is to provide a virtual workspace for highly-qualified workers to command their gifts in a setting and capacity that they control. In this way, we recruit high performers with the vision to work for themselves at a very special time where working for yourself doesn't have to mean alone. 

Let's face it. The unique challenge faced by our stakeholders are equally important because they are the same. Both our clients and BrookeCPA freelancers alike strive to execute the most optimized work products possible. We can't do it alone. At BrookeCPA, we bring together the supply and demand to help each other in a new way that serves both with better results and equal parts continuity and flexibility.

We are here to solve the problems, sort through the chaos, and untangle the webs you've weaved. Then, we can work together to create documented processes and procedures that we can either train your internal personnel to perform or execute for you as your accounting office. We can also work in an on-demand capacity or take over service temporarily. We work for you.

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